Depression and Suicidal Feelings: What to Do for Help

We all have a case of the blues periodically but it is important to seek professional help if depression persists, is recurring or if suicidal feelings surface. Below is some reading material for those who are researching this subject or could use some help and support. This article emphasizes what to do about the depression […]

Top Reasons Why Athletes Should See a Sports Medicine Doctor

The life of professional athletes isn’t easy. They have to participate in intensive exercises and training activities constantly to deliver maximum performance in front of an audience. While these activities are crucial for athletes to stay in shape, they can also damage their bodies. Sports medicine is a growing healthcare field dedicated to treatment of […]

6 Reasons to See a Physical Therapist

Physiotherapy helps people who have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their ability to move and function normally. A personalized physical therapy program can help individuals return to their previous level of activity and improve activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent and improve health and well-being. Moreover, in most cases, physiotherapy is […]

The Importance of Movement for a Healthy Spine

Yep, your spine is incredible, alright. Designed to allow for optimal mobility while still protecting your central nervous system, your amazing back bone is nothing short of a biological masterpiece! But it can only survive with your help. Back pain will affect around 80% of us at some point during our lives; and lower back […]

Making Good Habits Easy

Ever wondered why you constantly seem to be “starting again” and “trying again”, over and over again? Why are our goals, which really do mean something to us, so hard to hit? One theory is that our desires to be better are too strong; sometimes, we are so afraid to fail that we don’t try […]

Lumbar Spondylosis and Sciatica – Two Poorly Understood Terms

Low back pain is worldwide one of the biggest reasons for loss of work. Increasing sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, lack of awareness about normal physiologic posture and obesity has remarkably increased the prevalence of troublesome back pain. Back pain at one point or another affects everyone. However, back pain that is significant enough to […]

Vitamin D Deficiency – Things to Know

Vitamin D is a part of the “Calcium-vitamin D-Parathyroid hormone” endocrine axis. It is crucial for calcium metabolism. Adequate calcium intake along with Vitamin D is necessary to maintain the peak bone mass achieved by an individual. Vitamin D adequacy during an early age helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis later in life. Vitamin […]

Why Your Back Pain Keeps Coming Back

While it is easy to see how lifting a heavy object in an awkward way can cause a bad back, it’s more difficult to understand how a simple bend, twist or turn can cause you so much pain. And yes, this can happen just by leaning forward to pick up your shoes or brush your […]

Gain Knowledge and Power Over Your Back Health

Worryingly, there is a lot of misinformation about backache out there. How many times have you been led to believe that exercise can hurt a bad back? Or that bed rest is the best cure for backache? Myths about spine pain are almost as prevalent as the pain itself. And it’s crucial to get the […]

Why More People Are Choosing Chiropractor Over Drugs and Surgery for Back Pain?

Conventional medicine is built on treating illnesses with two tools and only two tools: drugs and surgery. You can visualize a conventional doctor as a workman who carries only a hammer and a screwdriver. To be fair, they’re the absolute best hammer and screwdriver that science can build, and the workman is very, very good […]