When I started coming to Grand Therapeutic Services I was in so much pain from Degenerative disc C 6-7 that I was almost on my knees in tears. Grand Therapeutic Services was absolutely wonderful! they were kind and knowledgeable and helped relieve my pain tremendously. I would definitely recommend Grand Therapeutic Services for anyone that requires Physical Therapy.

Over the years, I have been to a few different physical therapy places but this is the best. They are friendly and accommodating regarding appointment times. I enjoy the one-on-one interaction working with a therapist. You feel that you are their only client. They work directly with you and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly for the most benefit. They want to find out what works best to help you improve.
Linda- 65

Grand Therapeutic Services is the best. Since last year, I’ve had multiple different therapists but none were as good as they are. I spent about 3 months at Grand Therapeutic Services. When I first started I had very bad back pain. I couldn’t sit down for 20 minutes without having back pain. Now I’m able to sit for as long as I like with little to no pain. They gave me a great workout routine that I do every day. I asked them thousands of questions and they had a great answer to every question. I would highly recommend you go to Grand Therapeutic Services.
George- 47

My wife was in three car accidents, and they restored her to health through multiple months of physical therapy. I have been visiting Grand Therapeutic Services for the past 3 months, receiving treatment for neck & back injuries that I sustained during a fall at work. Grand Therapeutic Services is a wonderful clinic that has helped me and my family tremendously. Their office is intimate and professional, and they are always punctual with their appointment times.
David -56 years old